Belgian Babes get it in ASCII!

ASCII Babes is the celebration of beautiful women from all around the world.

And here I am starting a small collection of ASCII Portraits of known celebrities from the great nation of Belgium:

Andrea Croonenberghs, Annelies De Weert, Anne Poelmans, Anne Poelmans, Anne Poelmans, An Oost, An Oost, Barbara Janssens, Barbara Janssens, Barbara Janssens, Barbara Janssens, Britt VanDriessche, Els Van Eetvelde, Lobke Van Kerschaver and Wendy Coremans.

Here this was the previous update: Andrea Croonenberghs, Anne Poelmans, Britt VanDriessche, Els VanEetvelde, Liesbet Deheyder, Lobke VanKerschaver, Tine Verheyen, Vanessa D'hooghe and Wendy Coremans.


If you know of any others then send me an email and tell me who you'd like to see. And I'll see to it that they'll be added here shortly.

Please make the request in English, as I don't speak French, Dutch or German.




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