The person responsible...

I am male.

I live in Australia.

There are only five things in my life that I consider precious.

I have aspirations as a cartoonist. I've had a few serials published, one day I might even get paid for it.

I am an able bodied person, with complete mental faculties. Though my friends would argue otherwise.

I have friends. Though I would argue otherwise.

Normal people have friends that drop in. Mine did. While I was away for two weeks on site for a job, they entered through the roof (removed tiles) and down a manhole in the garage ceiling.

That sort of sounds really scary to start with but these mates filled up my pantry with food, vacuumed my carpets, even bought a brand new vacuum cleaner to do it and left it for me as a gift, stuck glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling of my bedroom and lounge room (150 on each) and mowed all the lawns. Yet another bizarre chapter in my ridiculously strange life.

I really, really like it when visitors send me postcards from wherever they are in the world. Send one to, c/o PO Box 51, Hamilton NSW 2303, Australia and you can be assured that it'll be stuck up on my home office wall.

Other sites I regularly visit are fark, and

And here's a thought I'd like to share with you: Goals are dreams with deadlines.


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