Do you do ASCII portraits of family members?

I do. On request.

Celebrities are FREE. Request whoever you like. I'll put it on my To Do list.

For personal requests (ie: family, friends, yourself, even pets) I do charge a fee.

US$20. This can be paid via paypal, epassporte, bank direct deposit, money order (if in Australia). I may even consider people sending a US twenty dollar note via snail mail, but I take no responsibility if it gets lost in the mail. My account details in each case will be provided for whichever means is easiest for the customer.

Once the payment is sorted out I get the person to send three pics of the subject. JPEG images. These can be a digital shot or scanned. at least 400 pixels wide. wider if the person doesn't fill the image enough, and not out of focus. that's why i ask for three shots of the one subject, so i can try the process out on all three of them. Hopefully one will come out looking "freakin' incredible".

After I'm happy with the outcome I will then email the ASCII Art portraits as 1) a HTML file, 2) a TEXT file, and 3) exported a JPEG image, along with instructions on how best to display it and tips about having the image made into prints or t-shirts. It will be sent as a zip file.

If for example all THREE of the images you sent have worked well as an ASCII portrait, you will in fact get all three of them for the price of one, or two for the price of one, or the agreed upon 1 for the price of 1 :-).

If on the other hand they all fail to meet my standard of quality, then I fine tune my request for what I need into simpler terms and we have another go at it. At no extra cost. We'll do it until we get it right.

The "we'll do it until we get it right" guarantee applies only one per subject/payment. Customers may not send 3 different people per payment/request.

How does that sound?

Use the form here for the first step in your order and other queries.



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