Make no mistake about it, Sandra Sully has to be the most gorgeously attractive woman on television. Bar none.

Sandra SullySandra SullySandra Sully

Maybe that makes me a shallow person, I don't know. Judging a person solely on their looks. But she's the finest example of womankind I've ever come across. Other than my wife of course*.

* My wife allows my Sandra Sully fetish so long as I remember who I'm married to :p

Sandra SullySandra SullySandra Sully

Given my fondness for the worlds most beautiful newsreader I shall be adding a bit of Sandra Sully to each and every Aussie Babes update, and maybe a bit in between. But as a mark of cyber-celebrity-appreciation I am honour bound as a webmastering geek to make a page dedicated wholly and solely to the object of my... fascination*.

* I've checked with my legal counsel and they said I can only be obsessed with my wife.

Sandra SullySandra SullySandra Sully


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