Some of the worlds HOTTEST guys... plus others who are funny, respected, intelligent or talented.


What do YOU want?

Let me know who you'd like, and I'll do my best to have it up within a week or two.

Make your requests at the ASCII Babes forum at foinke.


If you're familiar with you'd realise that it had a LOT of females and the occasional guy. To segregate them and make it a little more organised I thought I'd leave asciibabes just for the chick content, which is what guys like to look at, and dedicate this part of the website to having guy content, for a female audience.

Unless of course there are those that appreciate the ASCII portraits as art.

Or if you're a big fan of one of the celebrities because of their body of work rather than being attracted to them in any way physical.

But regardless of that, there's some ASCII organisation going on, and this should be easier to find the person you're looking for.


What is ASCII ART? It's an image that is made up of keyboard characters. Sometimes it's as simple as a 'email sig' or an emoticon :) But in the case of it's a portrait of a person. So there's a lot happening there, so you might have to move AWAY from the screen to be able to see the detail.

For example, you see the thumbnailed pics above this paragaph? They're eensy, weensy screenshots of ACTUAL ASCIIBABE ASCII ART! They kind of look like a grainy black & white shot, but the 'black' and shades of 'grey' are actually numbers and letters.

And that's EXACTLY what an asciibabe portrait looks like if you view it on a 21... FOOT monitor, and view it from the other side of the road. Better yet, try and get a clear line of sight from three blocks over. THEN you'll get to see ASCII Art just as if you're looking at a grayscale continuous tone photo.

Check out the ASCII ARCHIVE and see if your favourite female celebrity has already been ASCIIFIED!


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